View Full Version : A new car = a new setup. :)

12-03-2006, 05:04 PM
Hi guys,

It's been a while since I last was here (hence I even forgot my password). :)

Anyways since I am getting my new car somewhere around January, I though it was time for a change in my car hifi.

Anyways I am done with the most part on deciding what kind of setup, but I have some trouble in deciding what kind of component speakers I should get for the front stage (rear will use the original Lexus speakers).

Currently I am wondering about these 2 sets:

- DLS Nobelium 6.2

This will be powered by a JL Audio 450/4 (front 2x150W RMS).

Also which might be of some interest is the following; in my previous car I had a CDT ES-620 component set.

One more question on the DLS; they are powerrated for "only" 100W RMS... Will they be able to handle the juice from the JL Audio 450/4 without too many problems? Or are they just underrated?

One final question; did anyone do business with Indoaudio on ebay? And how did that go (in terms of delivery and genuine products).

Please let me know and thanks in advance.
Good to be back. :)


Sorry forgot to mention what kind of car: Lexus IS220d