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12-01-2006, 09:06 AM
hey, i was at another forum where somebody was selling some stuff, and he had a link to a website called Heatware, that kept all his user feedback

i was thinking, caraudio needs to start using this place! ppl are always asking about references. It basically works just like the ebay feedback system, but it is a standalone website that users from anywhere can leave feedback.


Those who buy and sell regurlay on here can make an account and leave a link in their signature to allow easy access to their feedback ratings.

well, i believe they word it a little better than i did...

"What is HeatWare?

"HeatWare" ( www.heatware.com ) is a private traders' evaluation and reference site used by members of various BBSs (Bulletin Boards' Traders Forums) which allows one to post evaluations of his or her private trades or deals with another. In order to submit or receive an evaluation, you must register for an account on HeatWare."

Its a free service that should help out greatly.

pwnt by pat
12-01-2006, 09:08 AM