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11-28-2006, 10:34 PM
so I'm going to ask for a hand--I'm new here and I am in the progress of building up my 05 2 door chevy blazer.

So far I have a kenwood KDC-X990 deck, 0/1 Power and ground to my 1.2farad cap, 4 guage to my Alpine PDX 1.1000 amp which is powering my 12" Alpine Type X. up front I will b putting 6.5" Alpine Type R's with the tweets in the dash and the mids in the doors. later on I'll be putting a set of 2 way 6x9's in the rear.
I will be running 2 more 2 channel amps for my speakers--one for the front and one for the rear.

any suggestions on my setup?

ok so down to buisness. I need to build a real nice ported box for my type x, but i want it to fit in the back fairly low, with the sub firing up and slot port/ports firing at the rear. here's a quick mspaint to let you see what i want:


not sure what it should be tuned to, but I think you guys have good judgement..............i think lol.......

if you guys could work your magic for the rest of the dimensions I need I would much appreciate it!!!
Thanks guys!

11-28-2006, 10:46 PM
dont bother with the rear at all, buy proper wattage for the front and you'll be all set

and i wouldnt bother with the cap, but

to answer your question, looks like you'll enough port area to tune real low, shoot for around 30-32 for daily