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11-16-2006, 05:56 PM
Well i couldnt take the rattling any longer so i went ahead and purchased 2 and a half rolls of bxt, 8 yards of ensolite, and 4 bottles of the v&s spray glue. Ive only done one of my doors so far, so i will have to finish the review later.

CUSTOMER SERVICE- The customer service was unbelievable from Raamaudio. Rick is a genuinly nice person, and a great business man. He was very prompt in answering all my emails, and keeping me up to date on my order. I actually planned on ordering more product than i did, but Rick recommended a lesser amount for my car. Shipping took 4 business days from the day i ordered. It would have been 3 but they were out of stock on the ensolite until the next day. 10 out of 10 on Customer service

BXT- It is by far the easiest deadening product ive used(out of second skin, dynamat extreme, and edead). It is butyl based and is very very flexible, yes still has a good thickness to it. Also it does not smell at all. The only downside i would say is it is extremely sticky, if you could call that a downside. I did my entire trunk with dynamat extreme a while back and had to use a heatgun in some spots to get it to stick good. If i messed up wiht the dynamat it was possible to remove if not heated already. With the bxt i never had to use a heatgun and once applied, even without pressing it was VERY difficult to get off. And the price was very good also. About half the price as other deadeners with the same quality. 9.5 out of 10 on the bxt

ENSOLITE and V&S glue- I was kind of sketchy whether or not it was worth it to do the ensolite just because it seemed kind of gimmicky. But now that i have used it man im glad i did. It is very strechy and that helps when applying it. It has a good density and i believe it helped taking my door from being a tin can to a solid door. I put it on right over the bxt and the V&S glue really sticks well to any surface. And even though it is under a door panel it makes it look very neat and clean when applied. The only downsides to the Ensolite is the smell and the price. The ensolite does have a rubbery tire smelling odor to it. Also it is pretty expensive, but you really dont need a whole lot of it to get the job done. 8 yards should be more than enough for my vehicle. 10 out of 10 on the ensolite

These are some crappy pics i took with my phone, and ill finish the review when i do the rest of my car. The second one is a aluminum plate i cut to fill the gigantic whole they put in my door up, and i applied ensolite to the back so it didnt vibrate against anything. The last one is the finished door panel with ensolite over the top of everything

11-17-2006, 05:27 PM
this another pic with bxt over the metal sheets i placed over the hole.