View Full Version : Fusion Powerplant FP-1402 and FP-1000d amp review

11-15-2006, 12:05 PM
Manufactures link to the 1000d:

Manufactures link to the 1402:

I've had these amps for a few weeks now, plenty of time to get them broke in and do some listening on them. I kinda went into the purchase blind, as you do not see very much info on Fusion amps over here in America. However, I lucked out as these are some very nice amps!

Both amps visually are very appealing. I am a fan of a more understated looks when it comes to amps and these fit the bill. Use of green is kept to a minimum, unlike other offerings of theirs, and no crazy heatsink designs. Just black amps, nice and square with some green text is about it.

Build quality:
I popped open both amps before I installed them. Probably not the wisest thing to do, but as they were Ebay purchases I wasn't holding my breath on a usable warranty anyways. The build quality on both was good, with the 1000d being better put together than the 1402. Less glue around the caps, and just looked to be more attention spent on it. However, this is not to say the 1402 was put together badly, just that you could notice a difference. I've got internal pics of the 1000d, and I'll take pics of the 1402 soon and send them to Realmofexcursion.com.
All the switches and knobs seemed to be adequate while adjusting these amps, as were speaker connectors and power leads. So all in all, no real complaints on build quality.

Both amps installed easily, and after some tune by ear settings of the gain I was ready to go. First thing I noticed was the heat. Compared to my previous amps, these run noticeably cooler. On my kicker zr600 I coulda fried an egg, and the zr360 was not far behind. This is no surprise as kicker amps aren't known for being overly efficient. :D
The Fusions would still get somewhat warm to the touch after some admittedly heavy usage, after all I'm out to see how well they work, not to baby them. Still, this is no worse than any other amp I have run in the past, including my Zed Audio USAcoustics amp. So for heat I think I would consider it typical for any amp of equal power. Also noticed less dimming of my lights over my previous amps, which is to be expected since these amps are much less of a current hog than my previous set. Soundwise they sounded great. Nice and clean, no coloration that I could pick up, sounded a bit "flatter" than the kickers before them. I don't have the means to test the actual output, so I can only assume the listed specs for the amps are correct. I have no reason to believe that they aren't, everything is darn loud!

Great amps for the price, I paid 130 for the 1402 and 200 for the 1000d, which is competitive/better priced then most namebrand amps these days. Sound was excellent, and I can think of no real cons on the amps, other than info is extremely scarce for them. All in all great amps for the buck!

Edit: Clarification on a few points.