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11-14-2006, 06:57 PM
Ok peep's

I have been doing alot of reading on this forum, and i must say that you guiys have taught me alot about car audio. I mean the DO's and DONT's go on and on. From reading so many threads, what i thought was HIGH END really has turned out to be BULL SH*t, also, people think that they see a high price tag, that is concidered HIGH END! also BULL SH*t! Now I have tried to do some research on the forum on POWER BASS line of speakers, I cant find any info on there speakers. I have a friend here in Miami, that is a seller of a wholesale place, and they carry Powerbass. I saw some threads on the PB amps, and I read some positive info on them, but i have been offered some comp's that are Powerbass's top of the line. They are the 3XL series, he owes me a favor, and offered these to me for 75.00 per set. Here is the link to them, what do you guys think. I know there is better out there, but for the money, and im just stepping up my front stage, no competing for me. The problem I have at the moment is my bass overrides my mids and highs, I have 4 12" L7's on 2 Massive Audio P1500d's, I have some BS in my doors, power acoustics, and they are real ******. So here is what I think is maybe a good deal on some decsent comp's http://www.powerbassusa.com/products/components/3xl_components.html
Please let me know what you guys think!!