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01-04-2003, 01:29 AM
I just purchased a 2003 Toyota Tacoma (new system going into it) and it has a factory alarm that has these features:

- Vehicle Specific Design: VIP system is custom built specifically for your Toyota vehicle
- Point-of-Entry-Protection: Activates VIP's full alarm cycle if any door, trunk, or hatch is opened without the key
- Full Alarm Cycle: For 60 seconds the lights flash, horn sounds, starter is disabled, and the Forced Lock feature will continue to re-lock the doors(on models with electric locks)
- Starter Disable: Prevents the vehicle from being started after the alarm is triggered
- Hot-Wire Protection: Sounds the alarm and disables the starter if an attemt is made to start the vehicle without the key
- Automatic Arming: Insures that your VIP system will automatically arm after exiting your vehicle(when programmed)
- Rolling Code Technology: Helps protect your VIP system from code grabbers that can steal your security codes
- Glass Breakage Sensor: "Listens" for noise and triggers a 20 second Warm Away Alarm if it senses that the window glass is tappped or broken. Full alarm is triggered on the second detection
- Automatic Rearming: Allows VIP system to re-arm if no door or hatch is opened after remote disarming
- LED Display: Warns intruders that your vehicle is protected by VIP security

- Remote Keyless Entry: Conveniently locks and un-locks doors
- Remote Arm/Disarm: Activates/deactivate VIP system via remote control
- Passive Disarming: Allows ignition key to disarm VIP security system after automatic arming
- Tail and Marker Lights Flash: Confirms successful arming or disarming

- Panic Alarm Button: Remotely activates alarm to sound horn and flash exterior light
- Interior Light Activation: Turns on lights when the system is disarmed using the remote
- Door Ajar Warning: Sounds if a door is ajar when remotely arming the system

I really like the ideao of not having to add another alarm. What does everyone think of this alarm? Should I get an aftermarket one or keep this?

09-07-2004, 09:45 PM
Keep it. A buddy of mine has an Srunner and he did some mods to the stock alarm. Go to www.customtacos.com. There were some crazy buttons and the order he had to press it, but he got to customize it the way he wanted.


Go here for instructins (http://rav4world.com/brochure/alarms/rs3200/rs3200.html)

09-09-2004, 11:30 AM
Thanks! I appreciate it.

09-09-2004, 08:19 PM
No problem. Always glad to help out. Have fun with all those codes though.