View Full Version : both rear 5" speakers dont work

11-11-2006, 03:13 AM
i have my 03 cobra vert with the stock mach system in there. i bought it about 2 months ago and it was all hooked up for a sub so i was going to swap out and put my old one with amp in there. well i put everything together (wiring was there already) and can only hear it when its really loud and the sub is suuuuuuuper quiet like you can barely hear it. well i play with the setting and find out my rear 5" speakers arent putting out any sound at all. the sub is tapped into one of them (very well done might i add) but i cannot figure out why both rear 5" arent working. my dad is an electrician and did the ohm and whatever test to make sure the speakers arent shorted and the line from the headunit to the speakers isnt shorted either.

just at a loss of what to check and i would like to get my sub working before it gets too cold to work on. any help at all would be appreciated a lot

11-13-2006, 10:34 PM
any idea how i have to go about getting these speakers to work? they dont seem blown out but play very very very very very quietly compared to the rest of them. any ideas would be awesome before it gets too cold to work on them