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11-09-2006, 11:18 AM
Alright guys, heres my story.

I drive a 99 Grand Cherokee. Stock system had 6.5in rear door, 6x9 in front door as a woofer, and a fullrange 2.5inch dash speaker. I have replaced the stock system with aftermarket component sets, a few different kinds, and never have really liked the sound. The stock system always sounded better to me, crazy midbass and detailed/warm/but not bright highs.

So im on my current system, CDT EF 6.5 components, tweeters in dash and mid in door. Well one of the tweeters is making some noise, so i figured maybe now is to change this up for the last time.

I was thinking of mimmicing the stock system.

My plan was either:

Plan A - Run a 3.5inch coaxial in dash, and a midbass driver in the door. A bunch of jeep forum users, have had their stock tweeters blow, and they have just replaced the dash speakers with 3.5 with great results. I would have this setup as something like the dash speaker off headunit power playing 250hz up, and the midbass drive doing 250hz down off an amp.

Plan B - Run a 6x9 coaxial in dash(fullrange), run a 3.5inch in dash(full range). 3.5 woud be off amp power, 6x9 off amp.

Now throw me out some ideas on how this is going to sound. With my current compeonnt system, with teh tweeters on the dash, i percieve the sound to come from that way.

MY goals, very important hear, i am by no means a SQ judge, i dont need time alignment, or all these fancy tweaks. I have slowly tried to get out of car audio, but this tweeter failing has made me come back into the game shortly. I am trying to just get a loud interior, but still sound good for daily driving.

What i figure is with PLAN B, the 6x9 will bring the soundstage down(like the midrange in a component system), and the 3.5 dash speakeres will bring the soundstage up, so i would mimic a similar sound, but probably be louder.

I know this is long, but please throw me out some ideas.

As for speakers i was thinkin of using Phoenix Gold RSD line.

11-10-2006, 09:06 AM
30 reads and no replies.

thanks all!

comeone someone

11-10-2006, 09:15 AM
its going to sound like music.....

no one is going to answer this because its basically impossible. We can't tell you what your system will sound like before hearing it....the only way to tell is to install it and listen for yourself. People can tell you whether they like certain speakers or not but no one will be like "yeah put these with these and it will sound good in your car"