View Full Version : which head unit?

11-08-2006, 01:51 AM
I've had the Eclipse CD7k since June, and it's done well...great on SQ

it gets very hot though, and I don't particularly like the way it handles CD text and such...the physical looks of the stereo (large knob and such) don't bother me though

I've been looking at possibly swapping it out and would like some input on what I should go with and why

I'm looking for a functional SQ centered deck, but I don't mind having extras thrown in as well

so far I've looked at Pioneer's DEH-P980BT and Clarion's DXZ865MP

ipod functionality is a must...I hear Pioneer's is excruciatingly slow compared to the CD7K, don't know about the Clarion though

I haven't seen much about the Clarion as far as specs go, but the Pioneer looks comparable to the Eclipse in options that cater to SQ

anyone have any opinions on these three decks? which one would you choose if any?

anything else I should be looking at?