View Full Version : which tweeter, diamond hex or focal tn45

11-08-2006, 12:44 AM
well here's my situation. i have a kove audio top of the line opulent OD 6.2 componet set. recently, one of my tweeters got shot. Kove audio has recently been bought out by us amps, and rep. told me that it would be sometime next year before they will have any replacement models. i can get a great deal on either the focal tn45 or a set of diamond audio hex series. i don't know what year the hexes are. what do you guys think?

one thing of note is, the diamonds are 8ohms and the focals are 4ohms. the koves where 4 ohm. would the diamonds even be compatible with my kove passive crossovers?

11-08-2006, 03:21 PM
Personally I would switch the whole component set rather than just the tweet since Kove is out of business. I liked the Focal tweet (TN-47, not sure about the TN-45), while some may describe it as harsh it depends on how you mount it, really needs to be off axis if mounted high. I found it more accurate and transient than most silk domes I've heard. I never liked the Diamond Hex tweets, in fact come to think of it I never liked anything from Diamond after they changed manufacturing sources.