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11-05-2006, 01:21 AM
Hey guys I had this idea that came to me and wanted yalls opinion. I have a box about 14" x 12" in the very back of the trunk and a 5 channel amp. So our trunks (Mark VIII) are very deep and this gives me an idea. What if i took 2 tension rods and mount them horizontally above and below about where the hindge of the trunk is. Slide a piece of fabric ,the same color of the trunk, connected on them by just sewing the ends over so its nice and taut. Then mount 3 smaller tension rods mounted vertically in front of that screen to make sure nothing slides into it and knocks it down. Now anyone that breaks into the trunk doesnt realize the depth of the trunk because its blocked off by a screen that looks like the back of the trunk. Its easy.. cheap.. and effective no?

11-05-2006, 01:24 AM
sounds good to me.

the only thing you can see of my system is the tweeters.

and who would expect a system in a soccer mom mobile? :D

Ultimate "sleeper" :sneaky:

11-05-2006, 01:30 AM
nice Jmanpc, yeah I am lucky enough to have the JBL system which mounted tweeters in the doors which gives my Alpine R components a mounting area already in the door.. its right at the top close to the mirror. Would never see it unless you hear it on.