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Tiger Bass
11-04-2006, 06:41 PM
Ok, I know I've asked something like this before but Im finally getting around to building my ported box and still have a couple questions. The set up that I will be using is in my sig.

To my understanding, the more cu. ft. of the box, the more SPL you will get. I am looking to get around 2 cu ft right now at 35hz. However, the recommended specs for the box is .78 cu ft. Will this matter all that much? And is 35hz a little high for 2 10"s? I was starting to think to go at 31-33hz. Keeping in mind that I am going to upgrade to some Pioneers around Christmas time, which way should I go?

And one last thing, Should I use 1" mdf or will 3/4" be fine for 10's.


11-05-2006, 02:02 AM
What subs do you have now? 2 cubic feet should be good and 33-35 hz range is fine. And you only need 3/4

Tiger Bass
11-05-2006, 05:52 PM
Ok, decided to build it at 1.75 cu ft at 32Hz. This is mainly in part due to the size and weight the box would have been. I needed to be able to take the box out with relative easy for if I ever got a flat tire. Im fairly satisfied with the completed work though. Considering I only spent $20 for the box when I would have been charged 4x that if I let the shop build it for me. And 3/4 was indeed PLENTY thick. I didnt even need bracing. Now I just need to upgrade the amp and subs :) Im using the Sony Xplods right now. The Pioneer's are what Im upgrading to around Christmas when I get more money and hopefully a job that I can work. Ive been off my feet for quite some time now do to college and a recent surgery.