View Full Version : Car/Home Security Upgrades for the DC area & Norfolk area

11-02-2006, 11:49 PM
Just giving everyone a heads up since i now have access to some new security

features that you would be able to take advantage of and greatly increase the

strength of the weakest point of your vehicle. The first is Security film which i can

apply to just about any glass surface. This film is like a clear tint that greatly

reinforces your window, which makes it a hell of a lot harder to get into your car,

and in addition to that keeps you alot safer from car jackings. If some one runs up

to your car and swings a bat through your window there's not too much you can

do. Usually blunter objects such as baseball bats wouldnt even break them at all

as you can see in this video (although I use a different brand than in the video in

still has the same thickness and protection properties):


If you are in the Norfolk area (near NSU/waterside) from now until December i will

be able to cut, fit and apply it for you. If you are in the DC area during the

Thanksgiving holidays or December i can setup something for you as well.

Although this security film is only 35% tinted i also tint and can tint over the

security film as well to darken it up a bit :cool:

Who said you cant have the best of both worlds?

Prying Door Handles/Tailgates
I also will soon be a dealer for www.jimmijammer.com which is also a GREAT

product and way to keep from simple *** theives from prying your door handle

right off. Lately this has been growing in popularity since cops usually pay more

attention to broken vent windows as a way to spot stolen cars. I know it's a

frustrating thing to have your entire car stolen by a tool that can be brought for