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11-02-2006, 06:14 PM
I recently (with the help of some coworkers at the Circuit City Roadshop) put in my first car audio system into my Ranger. The setup included Kicker KS Coaxials in all four panels powered by a ZX200.4, and two Kicker L5 8" powered by a ZX400.1. I had no clue what to look for in a system and after having this sytem i realized I wanted something a little louder. The setup I am currently trying to design includes Kicker RS Components in all four panels powered by a SX700.4 and two L7 12" powered by a SX1250.1.

I found some specs for L7 vented enclosures on Kickers website and so far they are the only designs I have to go off of. If I crunch the math is there a way to alter the dimensions of the enclosures and ports so that it's the same as the Kicker specs? I know that I want to have the enclosures ported but with the limited space I have in the rear of my cab I didn't know if it could be done. Attached are a few pictures of the back cab completely taken apart when I dynamatted the interior, as well as with it all put back together with the box in place. I plan on custom cutting the plastic interior panels to maximize my workspace as well as integrate the box into the back kind of how the current box is. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!


http://www.42gen.com/Cab 1.jpg

http://www.42gen.com/Cab 2.jpg

http://www.42gen.com/Cab 3.jpg

11-02-2006, 08:06 PM
Just pick your tuning and volume and get to work on designing it.

11-04-2006, 01:01 AM
god who the hell did that mess lol...

11-04-2006, 02:38 PM
god who the hell did that mess lol...

actually...hrmmmmmm I believe you did!

I snooped around some and made some designs in sketchup based off of the kicker plans i'm using. I kinda like the idea of 1 box with 2 subs, and 1 port. for this i compensated the volume by reducing the overall width by 3/4 and basically combining the boxes. for the port i flexed them together by moving the port horizontally inward more by 3/4, i figured I could add bevels on either side between the top piece and the port to smooth the air flow a bit instead of it running into a wall.

Does it matter if i move the position of the sub from the front of the box to the top of the box where the port is? still messing around with some designs but just wanted to know if my logic was in the right direction.

http://www.42gen.com/design 1.jpg
http://www.42gen.com/design 2.jpg
http://www.42gen.com/design 3.jpg
http://www.42gen.com/design 4.jpg

11-04-2006, 11:28 PM
that is one long long port...

naw i didnt do it and u know i DID not have anything to do on it :) and proud i didnt :)

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