View Full Version : box help for concept ft-10

01-01-2003, 11:30 PM
Ok i bought a concept ft10 subwoofer (10inch). This was the sub the guys at the store said to use when u have not to much space to work with(small box design). I have a reg cab toyota with a bech seat and i dont have much room, the box is going behind the passenger side of the seat . The installers said to go with a ported box(slot) . I need some dimensions to work with to get a nice box. They said make it for .75 c/ft ported. I dont have much room so could you guys help me out (port length etc. I can go about 9 inches on the bottom of the box if that helps to about 2 inches at the top. And i'm building it my self in the schools woodshop, how do i build a slot port. I've built lots of boxes before but never a slot port. Any help would be great. thanks:)