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11-01-2006, 01:08 PM
I have done tons of searches on this topic, but I'm having a hard time digesting it. Here are my components:

2000 Toyota Solara
MTX Amp (75x4 RMS)
MTX 12" Sub
DLS MS6 Component Speakers

Here is my situation.

-The solara, and some other toyotas I beleive, use a triangular shaped mount for the factory speakers. There is a plastic triangular piece with foam on the back that screws into three points on the door. The speaker sits in the middle of this triangle, and extends backwards into the door panel.
-On the backside of the outer-most skin of the door (the one you have to remove to get to the speakers), there is a 6.5" diamter ring that extends inwards about 1" to meet the face of the speaker. The factor speakers also have a 6.5" diameter ring that extends outwards about 1/2" to meet the ring on the door. The edge of the ring that meets the door has some soft foam on it to ensure a good fit.
-This, to my understanding, is to create a seal between the face of the speaker and the air in the car to produce tight mid-bass. Therefore, it is also my understanding that all the space in between the door skin and the metal skin of the door, as well as the space between the metal skin and the actual sheet metal of the door, does not matter.

The way I have installed the DLS speakers now is to put two layers of foam instulating tape around the circumfrence to emulate the ring on the factory speakers, so that they will meet the face of the door. This improved my situation, but not sigificantly.

What else can I do to get tight mid-bass? Is my understanding of creating a seal between the speaker face and the outer door skin correct? I know sound deadening would help, but my problem now is not rattles, it simply that I can see the speaker itself thumping, but it doesn't seem to be pushing any air or creating the sound it should. I have also checked the phase of the speakers and amp, and they are not reversed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will try and upload pics later to make things clearer.

11-01-2006, 03:08 PM
Can you discard the factory stuff and install some thin guage metal in it's place and make your own mount flush with the door panel? I did that to the rear doors of our Tahoe that had a similar mount.