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10-31-2006, 12:18 PM
Hi All - I'm brand new to the forum here and have been reading for a few weeks about the 880prs and im just about to take the plunge. I have all the necessary items to go active and I am 99% sure this is the deck for me but I wanted to ask a few questions to the experts out there-

1. I want to run a pair of Sony Mobile 3-way 6x9's in the rear deck off the HU for rear fill - while using the Network mode on the Pioneer for my otherwise active setup. Will the internal amp be null and void while in Network mode? Or is this switchable via the menu on the HU?

2. Also, if this is possible to run active and utilize the rear speaker out's on the deck, is there an adjustment on the deck to control the frequencies and\or bass\treble levels that make it to the 6x9's?

3. How will the rear speakers affect the time alignment setup if this configuration is even possible?

I have read many posts looking for information on this, but haven't really found much. I realize that most of the guys running active don't really feel that rear fill is necessary, but I have a 66' Impala that have had 6x9's in the rear deck since God knows when. Plus 2, I really like the "surround" feel that the rears provide.

Any help and\or advice that the fellow 880 users can provide will be much appreciated.


10-31-2006, 12:31 PM
yes you can use the internal amp in network mode while still going active. as for the rear fill eq, i'd imagine adjusting the hp/lp frequencies will adjust them the same as a component set, but won't be as good cuz it's a coaxial and doesn't really seperate the frequencies as well as a component set.

and also, alot of ppl like to have that "concert" feeling as if the music is coming from in front of them like a live band. i used time-alignment with my ****** coaxials and stock 6x9's temporarily and it's ok. it sounds kinda shallow/hollow but it's fine for me.

10-31-2006, 03:13 PM
Thanks for the feedback DKGuitarist! Sounds like it shouldn't be a problem to run the 6x9's off the HU and if they play the same bandpass frequencies that my mids play, that would be cool. So I'm leaning towards buying from this Ebayer "truevalueelectronics". My buddy bought the Bluetooth Pioneer Premier HU from them and he had a very good experience. The 880's are about 290$ shipped which aint the cheapest, but they guarentee it to be NIB and not a re-man. But anyhow, thanks again for the quick answer.

Anyone else have words of wisdom about the 880, feel free to post away!

This 880 is replacing my Sony C-90.......I never ran the external processor so I lacked the sound adjustment. Anyone know how the SQ of the 880 will compare to the C-90?


10-31-2006, 03:28 PM
read this so you don't end up pissed off like me