View Full Version : keyless entry unit/remote start

10-30-2006, 08:07 PM
I need a keyless entry unit for my truck, what are some good ones? I dont need actuators or anything, just something that will work with a ford power lock system, no pats and no alarm. Remote start would be a plus.

10-30-2006, 08:20 PM
try www.commandocaralarms.com

10-31-2006, 06:24 PM
would one of these require any relays?

11-01-2006, 11:17 AM
depending on the truck or the alarm it my need relays for 5wire door locks.

11-04-2006, 07:16 PM
I have 5 wire locks, no factory alarm or keyless. So I will need a relay for that. Are the t harnesses from bulldog any good? and what do you hook them up to?