View Full Version : Stereo Install Options Fronts/Rear Fills/Rear Mid-bass only

10-30-2006, 09:12 AM
I have a Audi A4 that has 6.5 components in both the front and rear doors. I was going to do a pair of MB Quart QSD 216s upfront, but in this car I do like just a little rear fill, so I was thinking of doing one of the following, putting another pair of QSD 216s in the rear door, though the tweeter is at ear level behind me, although on the stock stereo the rears don't mess up the sound stage that much, the second options was to get a nice coax to put low in the door to keep the rear soundstage low and finally the last option is to put a pair of QSD 164 midwoofers in there, they only play from like 35-280hz. I know I'll get a little more thump with this setup but will it help the spatial-ness at all (aka fill) or should I just skip all these ideas and go fronts only? I would be driving these with a DLS Ultimate A4 thats putting out 85 Watts each which I know is half of the max of 190 rms, but I don't really need that last 3 db of volume.

11-01-2006, 01:36 AM
Sounds like you've thought through the options... I'd say to run a coax in the midwoofer spot, and just leave the grill on where the rear tweet is. That'd give you the "little fill" you're looking for (I did the same thing in my 4th gen GTI). If you run just the mid driver, when you listen to cymbals/high hats you'll hear the soundstage shift up front - enough that anyone will notice.

I should say that the only reason not to go with another set of components in the back is cost - they'll sound fine.