View Full Version : buying new speakers for 2001 civic

10-30-2006, 01:09 AM
Hey all

I am getting my girlfriend a new head unit and 4 speakers for christmas. The head unit can be seen here:


and the speaker sizes are going to be 6.5 inch coaxials and 6x9's. Since I dropped 150 on the HU I dont want to spend alot of money, since I am only trying to give her an upgrade from factory for now, and I will add onto the system later. Now if I wanted to spend, say, 75 dollars on all 4 speakers, you might think im cheap, or crazy. But its gotta be done, and I dont know where to begin, and I dont want the sound to ****. I have been looking here:


and they seem to have good prices, I just dont know which ones to get.

Someone please help! :)