View Full Version : Joining multi-part fiberglass pieces?

12-31-2002, 11:52 PM

I'm looking to glass a box for my Blazer.. But, I was thinking it would be much easier (given the shapes I'm working with) to make the tops seperate from the rest of the bases..

So, if I join the pieces together, will that be solid? I'd think it would since the resin should bond to both sides, and as long as there is enough material bridging the gap it should be ok, right?

For the outside.. what would be a good way to be able to put a layer of tape or two across the ouside seam and not have a big ledge? I suppose I could just fill the crack with bondo-ish stuff but I worry it might come out.. I could spread resin in there, right? that should hold..

Anyone know if I can do this? or do I have to try to get this as one big box?..

Any info would help..

01-01-2003, 01:15 PM
not a good idea at all...the seams would have to be rediculously thick to get the same strength.....if you were to make the two peices, same 3 layers on each and then joined them together, not by taping the seems, but by putting 2-3 layers on each side, you would prob. be alriight.