View Full Version : New head unit CD4000 or others?

10-25-2006, 07:21 PM
I've been away from the market for a while and am looking at an update for my HU. I have an eclipse 55430 right now and it has treated me well but I am looking for something new.

Some things I want or need:
good preamp output (volts/Imped)
ipod compatibility
excellent SQ
Decent control over sound/tone

What has passed me by is all the crossover stuff, etc. as I've not had to mess with that for years. I have 2 sets of JLs (front and back) am mulling over a rearfiring sub enclosure for the trunk...and will have to look at amps too.

I started with the CD4000, then looked at the Alpine 9857 and have noticed all the talk about the Pio 880 (not the most attractive unit in the world mind you).

Anyway, that's my short list so far. Any input would be helpful.