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10-25-2006, 04:55 AM
was wondering if it possible to search for songs using Kenwood (kcd-x990) connection through an iPOD. I know that the new kenwood and last year model came with a AC Drive or in oder word the "Active Voice Manager". In order to search for songs you have to use the program to burn your songs onto the cd, THis will let you search by songs, artist and albums with a vioce telling you the name of the songs and artists. will this be the same to the IPOD as will. Does it has the same features found in the IPOD where you can do an easy search without using the software? and does it have a faster search.

The things that really **** is that the CD has a codex with only the kenwood deck can regonize, plus it wont work with other HU or cd player.
I have the pioneer 780MP and it has all the futures that the IPOD has so its easy to search for files and MP3s. But the thing that **** is that its slow and everytime u do a search its goes back to the begining of the list.

I want a deck that have IPOD capaiblites and an easy/faster search function. i like the kenwood but i dont know about its IPOD options.

The new alpine came with the best Ipod connections and search but the thing is that i dont like the face fold down..and it has less features then the old model

10-28-2006, 12:09 AM
alpine's got a double din unit or you can go with one of their traditional units with the Full Speed iPod and even add a screen if you so choose.