View Full Version : FS: Surfboard, Skimboard, Wetsuit

10-24-2006, 11:27 PM
I can email someone pics and have them host them on a website if anybody wants pics.

Shortboard Surfboard:
I used to surf a little when I was younger, I live in SC, bought the board on vacation in NC one summer. Only used it a couple of times, it was used when i bought it, in decent condition. I was 5'6" when I bought it, the board is 6'2", and now I'm 6'3", so I just outgrew it. It has dings and marks and scratches consistent with being a beginner surfboard. Comes with the leash. Paid over $200

I'd say $75 obo + shipping, which will prolly be a *****, I am willing to drive to meet someone to sell it.

Also used, but only one time for about 30 minutes, haha. It's a men's size medium, black with navy and white designs. Practically brand new. Think it was around $60

$30 obo + shipping

I don't really want to sell this thing because its a lot of fun and I like it, but I have also kinda outgrown it. Its in practically brand new condition, been used for a couple of summers, none of that wood ****, its real nice and works great. Paid over $100 new

$75 obo + shipping.

All offers welcome, but keep lowballing to PMs please. As I said I am willing to drive a ways to meet someone. Let me know

10-26-2006, 05:35 PM
brand names and pictures would be nice. is the surf board epoxy or fiber glass?

BTW Im 6'1" and i used to ride a 5'10" you can never outgrow surfing.