View Full Version : Need plans for a center port enclosure!

10-22-2006, 03:30 PM
as the title states, i need some plans for an enclosure with a center port for two subs. my dimensions are as follows:
35w x 24d x 15h. this enclosure will be for 2 Alpine Type-R 12's. i need it at 5 cubes after displacement, and tuned to 30-34 hz. i already have a plan that fits and works, but it has a port on the end. i was hoping to find a plan for a center port, you know, the port is in between the subs. if not, i will go with the original idea for the enclosure. Hopefully, someone can help me out. either doctor these plans....... http://www.subwoofertools.com/forum/ported-box.asp?Ew=35&Eh=15&Dia=6&Xmax=12&Vd=.12&NumW=2&Vb=5&Fb=34&Qts=&Vas=&Fs=&CE=0

or make some new ones. Thanks!

10-22-2006, 03:51 PM
edit: what if i took the port piece i need, only need one, and cut it in half and made two pieces that total the length of the port. then, put them in in the way i need them, in the center. would that work, or am i way off?