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10-19-2006, 02:45 PM
Well, here's yet another, "What component speakers should I buy" question. First let me say I have listened to more than a few and am confused and at this point am going to go with what other more experienced car audio folks have to say.
Here's the 6.5" speakers I've listened to:

Boston's Z6, Pro60's and SX60's.
JL's TR series
MB Quart PCE's
Focal's 165A1
Polk MMC 6500
Morel Dotech MKII
Infinity Kappa's

Most of these were listed to at different stores over a period of 3 weeks. By the time I'd get to another store and listen to another set, I couldn't really remember what the other speakers sounded like. After many hours of listening, confusion reigns. I think maybe I've eliminated the Polks, JL's, Infinity's and SX60's beyond that I don't know. And the Z6's were pretty expensive ..... don't know about the bang for buck with these.
Tell me what to get :blush:

I've got a '07 Toyota RAV4, don't listen at huge volumes, don't want my music necessarily heard outside the vehicle and am interested more in accuracy and fidelity than anything else. I listen to Jazz, Blues, Rock, --no rap, nothing with the huge bass.
Haven't picked an amp yet. The HU in there now is the Panasonic 8803U with its digital amp that is CEA 2006 certified to 31W RMS and 70W peak per channel (which I know will be a moot point with an amp)

Also, can anybody comment on using a two channel amp for the front speakers and just using the HU's internal amp for the rear speakers since they're just going to be fill anyway and the front are mostly where it's at.

Thanks for your input!

10-19-2006, 02:54 PM
Everyone will have their own opinion but I think most on hear will agree - rear fill is not a good thing. It will not be any louder and it most likely will smear your imaging.

I would spend more on a good pair of components, a good 2 channel amp, and have them installed well - deaden / seal the doors and find a decent installer.

I suggest this rather than spending money on rear speakers and having them installed. Also keeping the strain on your headunit to a minimum by not using the amp will help some with SQ.

10-19-2006, 03:27 PM
Here's what I recommend, in order of preference:

Polk SR6500
Alpine SPX-177R
Boston Z6

10-19-2006, 03:28 PM
Helix precision H236!

there awesome & have realy sweet mid-range, i currently have a set in my bmw kick panels, in the front footwells, & tomorrow im haveing another set put into my front passanger & drivers door cards, custom installs.

then i plan to get another set fitted in the rear cards aswell, for rear fill.