View Full Version : Head unit for X-over removal

10-16-2006, 09:32 AM
I think I need to replace my 3/4 way active crossover because I have a system whine that I cant chase down but is not present when (used) X-over is removed (Another Whiner thread wiring). I'm currently using Kenwoods X789 hu and I love it, but the X889 has better EQ and x-over slope control. I haven't spent much time in Head Units research here lately so sorry if this is over discussed, but can I do away with X-over if I upgrade head units? I see hi pass filters to 2 RCA sets and low pass to sub (on 7 & 889 anyway) - so am I missing something or does the lack of low pass filters keep you from using as stand-alone X-over? I'd like to stay Kenwood cause of the Fhatnoise media and Kenwood amp control I'm using, but is there another model I should consider for my application? I want sub level control up front and still need mid woofer,midrange, and tweeter control, so really a 2 ch. 4 way I guess, or 3 way and lose s.w. control in lue of mid woofer x-over. I don't have any passive x-overs and use separate amps for all, but should I also consider a bi-amp passive x-over for Focal mid ranges and tweeters to free up something? I also noticed on my 789 that S.W. low pass doesn't completely filter out higher stuff- but amps do. My amps have hi pass so a low pass only head unit I guess would also work, if there is such a thing.