View Full Version : Home theater Tuning

10-10-2006, 11:46 PM
What should I tune my box too? Ascendant Audio says 20 hz in a 3.5 cube box but this is near impossible......Any ideas?

10-11-2006, 01:23 AM
It's not impossible... How much port area are you looking at running? If the port is TOOO long then make the port area smaller.....

10-11-2006, 07:25 AM
hmm....but is 20 hz a good number?

10-11-2006, 07:26 AM
thats good for home.

10-11-2006, 04:47 PM
I was just wondering i have no idea.

10-11-2006, 04:59 PM
Ported on home audio you want something rather low such as 20 Hz...

10-11-2006, 05:04 PM
i jus made my HT box to 24hz. Low to mid 20's would be fine.

10-11-2006, 05:24 PM
You've got no cabin gain really in the Home Theater so porting and tuning low is highly recommended for SQ. If you tune below 20hz, you wont experience any nasty group delay or any of the bad effects usually associated with ported enclosures because hearing is not very sensitive down super low.

10-11-2006, 08:25 PM
not trying to jack the tread but if u want a HT and also listen to music, something tuned @20-25hz wont be too low for music, what do you guys usually set the LPF on ur HT sub, 60hz???

10-11-2006, 08:59 PM
Mine's set somewhere around 50Hz, blends nicely with the mains...the Fortes will play confidently down to about 40Hz or so, but the amps need support on the lower octaves :)