View Full Version : Scosche Generic Dual Install Kit 4 AWG

10-10-2006, 08:00 AM
Have to say I was impressed. I bought this dirt cheap kit just to install a quick system on my GF's car, and I'm actually jealous. She got battery terminal, crazy @$$ RCA's, dual fuse block, 1 - 4 in, 4 - 8 out distro block, 15ft 4 AWG power cable, with hose wrap, 3 ft 4 AWG ground cable, 10 feet 8 AWG power, and 6 feet 8 AWG ground wire, and everything you would need for a basic install, including tools. I brought all my tools only to use half of them.

Of course this kit isn't some crazy nice High-end, and it lacks in the looks department that my RF Hurricane install kit had, but it's the smart choice if you aren't wiring in some Arc Audio or Rainbow stuff :D

1 1/2 thumbs up