View Full Version : looking at some 8's

pwnt by pat
10-09-2006, 01:14 AM
So, I went out of town and have a PartsExpress mag to keep me company. I was contemplating some 8" woofers for door pods and going 3-way active. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience or has heard anything with the following woofers:

TANG BAND W8-1363SA (http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=264-833)

AURUM CANTUS AC-200MK2 (http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=296-420)

HI-VI D8.8 (http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=297-449&CFID=2549999&CFTOKEN=19883954)

USHER 8137A (http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=296-616&CFID=2549999&CFTOKEN=19883954)