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10-06-2006, 02:22 PM
Right now I have crystal mobile sound SSX615's for my front stage, and I kept the tweeter on its bridge with the speaker. I also have lanzar tweeters mounted on my door. Each speaker gets 75w from my Eclipse EA4000. If I bridged the amp it would be 150 x 2. I'm looking to buy some new Rainbow SLC 265's. I can't decide how i should do the install though.

I can either take out my crappy rear pioneers and put my crystals in there. I can run them off my HU and run my rainbows with 150w going to each side. OR I can run the crystals off an alpine 40x4 amp and just keep 2 channels disconnected, so i will have 2 4 ch. amps

OR I can put my crystals in the back, rainbows in the front, ran at 75 rmsx4. Not sure if 75 is enough though, I want them to be loud with minimal to no distortion

I also plan on deadening the doors when i get the cash

What is the best way to do it?