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12-25-2002, 01:56 AM

I’m getting a jl 500/1 and a jl 10” w7 within a week, and I don’t have a box yet. I probably want to build it on my own, but I need a little guidance. I want a sealed box at around 1.25 cubic feet after displacement of the sub. Heres my list of questions (basically a rant) = ).

1st. For SOUND QUALITY purposes only, should I make a box in a different shape than rectangular or boxy? Is there an audible difference generally speaking, considering my 1.25 cubes? Plz only answer this if you are a sound quality buff and know what your talking about….

2nd. As far as the materials go I’m thinking either 1” MDF all the way around or ¾ all the way around and stacked on the baffle… what do you guys suggest?
I’ll need wood glue, liquid nails, screws and of course the board, that’s pretty much it right? Any brand names for wood glue or places I can get these items/ recommendations?

3rd. My last (I promise J ) question is do you guys think I should brace it? Any type of bracing you suggest, like the triangles on all joints?
When you brace, do you just pile on wood glue and fit it in, or do you also nail/ screw it in? do the braces have to run parallel to the baffle?

4th. As far as constructing it, assuming all the cuts on the board are correct, how do you assemble the sides correctly? Is there a standard orientation or do you just plop the sides on with glue and forget about it?
Does ^ this guy know what he is doing with the 1” wood bits in the corners or is this overkill?
is ^ this necessary or is carpeting it just fine to seal it?

Thank you VERY MUCH in advance for even reading this much….all these questions give me quite a headache…. I know some of these questions may be dumb, but what can I say its my first enclosure…thx alot

Peace out, Merry X-mas, WERD

12-25-2002, 02:15 AM
gross = without sub displacement and net = with sub displacement correct? if so then i want 1.25 cubes gross.... or i think form what JL recommends

12-25-2002, 04:03 AM
an X or / pattern? any pics? i dont believe im even remotely familiar with either, heh sorry = (
bracing is usually always parallel to the baffle right? or does it matter ( i thought for airflow purposes it would)?

12-25-2002, 04:21 AM
Awww.... is it ok to just use that portrait looking brace? and if i had 1" MDF do you think bracing would even be necessary?
Also, somone told me that the bottom and top of the box are glued flat to the top and bottom of the baffle and back.... and then the sides surround is wedged inbetween the top bottom and front back.... is this the "standard" orientation, or would anything similar to this with the sides switched around be sufficient?

Thx alot for your time I'll pass the knowledge on to other peeps :)