View Full Version : Fs - Motorola 6416 - Qip6416 PVR

09-29-2006, 01:45 PM
This is brand New, i jsut took it out of the box to look at,
selling because we had to moe, and cant afford DIgital cable anymore.


Dual 64/256 QAM tuners support standard- and high-definition MPEG-2 formats

Integrated 160 GB hard drive for DVR functionality

Embedded IP networking over coaxial cable using MoCA technology

Two-way IP data communication

Powerful (MIPS) RISC processor

Out-of-band data receiver

Full range of industry-standard video, audio, and data outputs (for details, see “Specifications”)

Dolby® 5.1 digital audio

Decrypts CSA or DES MediaCipher® access control

Macrovision® copy protection

Front-panel LED display with navigation buttons

Digital on-screen diagnostics

SmartCard interface

Switched accessory outlet