View Full Version : FS: '99 Honda Civic EX

09-17-2006, 03:27 AM
Car is in really good shape. Has a dent in the fron of the hood though. Its a 5 spd and has the 1.6l SOHC VTEC in it. 127hp. Has a full HKS exhaust and headers, cold air intake, MSD ignition and new muffler. Comes with 4 new snow tires. Car has 158k miles on it but is getting another motor put in that has 66,540 miles on it. As well as a new clutch since it is easily done with the motor being swapped out. I put the aluminum mesh in the front grill and installed driving lights behind it. Looks decent and they still work great. Also has a second tach on the dash, blue neon under the dash and one by where the radio goes(currently doesnt have one). Book is 7600.00. I am asking 7,000 OBO. I will also trade this for a different vehicle if it is comparable in value. I am just looking for something new.

http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/6942/photoalbum4469user160181nf2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/1875/photoalbum4534user160181df3.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

09-18-2006, 04:51 AM
wheres the fart cannon

Cant stand em. This has a performance exhaust that sounds good.