View Full Version : custom double din.

09-16-2006, 04:19 PM
ok, well lately ive been playing with the idea of custom making a double din dash kit for my car, a 2003 taurus. some of you make know you have to replace that whole huge panel for the dash kit here's a pic:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v724/yoej/system010.jpg

my questions are....

1: how?, i know with fiberglass and bondo it's possible, but should i base it off of the piece i have now, or go completely custom, also how would the unit attach? could i just go buy a simple double din ring and work off of that?

2: bracing, i know these double din's have to be pretty heavy, theres not much to brace off of behind my dashboard, its kind of just a big void. and i know just plastic wouldn't be able to support it from the front piece

3: suggestions on where to mount the climate controls? i was also thinking of making a console piece for between my seats, should i put them there? or another place could be the glovebox.. moving wouldn't be hard, i think theres just a few wires for each knob

i know it would be a big undertaking, but i do think its possible, im jsut trying to figure out the best way possible.