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09-11-2006, 10:23 PM
Alright so i go to leave this morning at around 6:30, it was pretty cold, low 40's ide say, so i open my car door, put the key in and turn it to the On Position ( i usually wait 2 or 3 seconds till i hear the fuel pump stop priming before i try to start it ) And as soon as i do that, i notice that my guage cluster dosent light up, nothing lights up whatsoever. So i turn the key to Off, then turn it back to the On position, and theres a brief like 5 second pause and then everything comes to life, so i go to start it and as soon as i go into the start position the car completly dies, the guages turn off, the dome light turns off , the cars completely dead, no nothing, and then i start hearing a noise, through the speakers maybe? it sounds like ground interference.. i couldent really tell where it was coming from, still everythings completely dead..

Oh and just to add icing on the cake, i was running late for work this morning so obviously i wanted to get in and get going, this was the perfect bad time for B.S Car sh!7

So i turn the key to off, turn it back into the on position and still nothing... i repeat that one more time, theres a brief pause then everythings lights back up.. go to start it, and everything including the dome light.. all electrical dies.. Eventually after 3 or so more times it cranked over but took a extremely long time , maybe 8 seconds of continous cranking for it to finally turn over.. once it turned over it was completely fine.. oh, and first thing i notice was that my radio was reset, meaning absolutely no power, AKA everything reset itself.. i dont know why its doing this.. but it eventually worked and started up, it didnt seem to have any lack of current considering it cranked over for quite awile with no signs of giving up... Also i have a Optima Redtop.. whats your opinion? Do you think theres a loose ground somewere, because everything completely dies and resets for no reason, then works fine the next few tries? Ill try to get a video of it next time i go to start my car and see if i can get it on tape

09-11-2006, 11:09 PM
how old is the batt? i troubled shooted the same thing this morning, also a red top.

09-11-2006, 11:17 PM
my batterys less then a year old, maybe 6 - 7 months, its been good to me