View Full Version : speakers for my dad

09-10-2006, 01:44 PM
my dads got a 98 dakota and 3/4 of his speakers are blown/ do not work. hes got about $300 to spend and he wantts rear fill. i recommended the rainbow SLC 265's for the front, and then a cheap set of 6.5s in the rear. then i started thinkin about the 365s (4" in the rear,6.5 in front, or 6.5 in the rear, 4" in front) Another idea would be the 265s and then the AA polys in the rear, that all would be amped off a 75x4 JBL amp that i would let him use. he drives a couple hours each day and wants it to sound pretty decent. also hes got 2 old school 10" MTX subs off of a OS MTX 2 channel amp. Any suggestion of what he can do?