View Full Version : Explanation of midbass and midrange.

09-06-2006, 11:52 PM
Topic says it all.

As in which will accurately produce what frequency range? Applications for each type, like for what type of music genre or setup.

Just a general conversation of the 2 types of woofer.

09-07-2006, 12:56 AM
midbass is usually defined as frequencies above 80hz and lower than 400 Midbass frequencies cover a good portion of guitars and drums if you listen to actual musicians. Take a rock album on I-tunes and boost 125 and 250hz, that's midbass. I'd guess it's sort of the "meatier" part of the bass spectrum.

Midrange is about 400hz to about 3k or so. Covers pretty much the entire vocal range. Male voice begins near the beginning, womens voices span the mid to upper half. Id say 75-80% of what we recogize as music is comprised of midrange. You'd be suprised just how little you lose when a tweet cuts out, ears just arent' that sensative in many cases and the fundamental info is lower.

Treble is 3k and up. Mostly cymbals, the S sound people make, the "air" around someone voice more or less. Mostly adds a bit of extra depth and life to music.

Best way to get a feel for it is to just play around with an EQ, like I said, Itunes comes with a basic one that will give you a basic idea.