View Full Version : Renegadesrun A+++++++

08-29-2006, 06:52 AM
Renegadesrun is the ****. im in afghanistan right now and he was nice enough to hold all my stuff in his garage untill i was able to get a family member over to pick the stuff up.

i give him an A+ for being so helpful

i purchased some CDT es7.2 US Gold w/ Upstage componenets off him
i purchased 4 Kinetik HC2400's off him
i went through him to buy my 2 Treo SSX 18's
i went through him to purchase my 300 amp Ohio Gen alternator
and he was nice enough to go pick up 2 battery chargers for me also

i think that right there will sum it up for ya. he is very helpful.


i owe u a beer, even though i paid ur shipping :) :veryhapp:

06-20-2009, 06:43 PM
Never gave me my dam beer.

Anyway.... ttt for current sale