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08-26-2006, 04:43 PM
I have a 2003 Ford F150 Super Cab and want to upgrade the factory speakers with the following criterea:

a) to fit in place of factory speakers (2 fronts in doors, 2 rears in doors)
b) no visual mods (behind door panels ok but want to reinstall factory's)
c) good high's (comps?) and good bass (6x9's?) w/o sub
d) H/U = JVC KD-LHX550
e) no external amps (but would like to upgrade later and maybe add sub)

This is a company vehicle and I will most likely only have it for another year or so, so I do not want to mod it or go crazy with hardware at this point. However, I do spend a lot of hours driving and would like to up my enjoyment factor.

I noticed a big improvement just upgrading the h/u so I figure that just by upgrading the speakers I will move to the next level and then perhaps in my next vehicle, I will think about adding amps and a sub.

So, right now I am thinking comps (5" or 6" + tweeters) in the front and 2 or 3-way (6x9's) in the back. Without breaking the bank (or skimping) I need some advice on good SQ and "factory look" mounting in my truck.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, and my music tastes run from classical to jazz to hard rock (AC/DC with a healthy dose of Pink Floyd) and my input sources are FM (I know, I know), CD, SD Card, Mp3 player and Satellite Radio.

And I guess while I am at it, I should ask what everyone else has done about installing amps and a sub in a Super Cab or similar (1/2 back seat).

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I heard what you said! (thinking...I guess the music wasn't loud enough)

08-28-2006, 10:54 AM
I would reccomend Polk Momo 5 1/4" comps and they should fit nicely with the provided adapter plate from Crutchfield. Do you have a budget? With your limited space, you may be only able to fit 8" subs behind your seats. Even then you can find some nice subs that will give you a little more punch. Good luck.

08-28-2006, 10:57 AM
I'd get a 2x50w amp at least to power some decent components...powering 2 PAIRS of speakers off of deck power is pointless imo :( No point in paying for 'good' speakers when you don't have 'good' power for them

08-28-2006, 12:55 PM
Yeah, those Polk momo's would sound nice! As for the rear, Alpine type S and it wouldn't break the bank.

08-28-2006, 07:31 PM
i drive an 04 f-150 and want some focal 165 kp3s.. their badasss. but if you really want it loud, then see if you can get your tweet mounted in the pillar :D