View Full Version : Memphis 16-PR 150.2 amp

08-20-2006, 09:14 PM
WOW!!.....:eek: :D

That was my first impression when I fired this thing up.

I had an older model Kenwood PS-200 powering my subs until I messed up and blew it. I bought this one yesterday as a replacement hoping it would handle the job at least close to the Kenwood.

It's listed as 75x2 @ 4 Ohm.....there is no way.
It has to be twice that at the minimum. I haven't put my dmm on it yet but it is pushing my subs harder than the Kenwood ever did and I have the gain only turned up to 4 of a possible 10.

I've run it with both music (industrial, rock, techno, metal, rap) and tones and it is incredible. As my sig says I have 2 lower end Sony Xplod subs and this amp makes them sound even better. It's unbelievably clear and clean.

I'll come back on here later and update after I've had it in a few months but from my first impression it's worth every bit of the $175.

Any questions....PM me or e-mail is [email protected]