View Full Version : Speaker Box Designs

12-12-2002, 01:43 PM
I have 2 12" Orion XTR subs. (500 Max Each) They have been used a lot, but still work great. I have them in a box right now where they diagonally face each other, and then the rear enclosure is vented. (If you dont know what this is, its a tpical bandpass box)
Well I hate it because the subs work against each other and I have heard that they can fly apart from this. I am looking for Ideas on what boxes sound the best that are bandpass or just costom boxes. Boxes that dont make the speakers work against each other, and wont wreck them either! I thought about seperate boxes, but thats the last option I want to take. *(I power these subs with the Sony Mobile ES XM-7557)*
That amp is the best thing I ever came across. Anyways, ANY help would be great. Thanks. If you cant post what you need to here, email me at [email protected] THANKS!