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08-16-2006, 05:17 PM
Why are the reference series tweeters only 4 ohms?

The woofers are 8 ohms...
The midranges are 8 ohms.....


someone please tell me i misread, i'd like to run a 3-way RS-component set, but can't afford to go active, and i would think dayton's own speakers would work with their crossovers, but maybe they're retarded, someone double check for me

08-16-2006, 07:01 PM
Only the shielded woofers are 8ohm.

The unshielded Reference drivers are 4ohm.

Also, you would be incorrect in assuming that their prebuilt passives would work with all of their drivers. The prebuilt passives are NOT specifically designed for every single line of speakers they produce, or any line inparticular. They are built generically so that they can work in a wide range of non-specialized applications. Not all applications, but a wide range. Obviously, your application does not fall into that "wide range" category.....especially since the Reference series need some lovin' on the lowpass side of the midrange crossover, and really need much more than a 12db/oct slope. You would not be getting anywhere close to full performance from those speakers by using the prebuilt passive crossovers.

They're not retarded, they simply did not specifically design a passive crossover for their Reference series. Those passives they sell are generic, and will not be appropriate for all applications, even if the application involves their own speakers. This is why they are a "DIY" (Do it Yourself) brand...they don't supply you with everything everytime, they expect that the user can &/or will do atleast some of the work themselves that is involved in perfecting the use of their speakers.

Your best option is simply to either go active (which you stated you can't afford, so I guess it's out), or design and build your own passive crossover.

What is your budget for everything, and what do you have and need to get? Maybe we can figure up a cost-effective way for you to go active.

08-17-2006, 12:16 AM
The reason i was hoping to get away with a passive xover configuration, is because my current amplifier puts out GREAT power bridged, if i were to use it for only 2 channels.

It puts out 120w rms @ 8 ohms x 2
and 240w rms @ 4 ohms x 2, which is more than enough to go way overboard with a DIY comp setup.

If i were to use my current amp for 4 channels, and get another amp for the last 2 speakers, it would only put out 88w rms @ 4 ohms per channel, or 120w rms @ 2 ohms per channel, which really isnt' enough or even close to enough considering most available components are 8 ohms, and occasionally a 4 ohm woofer (and tweeters i'm finding out)

I may try finding someone to help me build a crossover with steeper slopes. I'm not especially pleased with the prefab xover points, either. I'd really like subwoofer to play 20-60hz, woofer to play 60-500, mid to play 500-3500, and the tweet to play 350+, but i can't find anything exactly the way i want.

And 24db slopes WOULD be nice, as well.

Thanks for the response, tho. I appreciate any feedback i can get, seems like my progress thus far in choosing components has been 1 step forward, 800 steps back. It's especially frustrating because there's no way to know how the speakers are going to behave with one another, even if they're from the same series.

Right now i'm on the fence between going with an all-dayton reference setup, or a dayton reference HF 15" subwoofer, aurum cantus 10" woofer, and a morel tweet (they look good enough to eat)

I need to figure out what speakers i'm gonna get and are feeling motivated enough to fit into my doors 1st, and then i'll decide how i want to x-them. I may just have to get new amps all around and go balls to the wall with an active setup.

08-17-2006, 12:36 AM
aurum cantus 10" woofer, and a morel tweet (they look good enough to eat)

I wouldn't suggest it in a car. Beaming/off-axis response is going to be your worst enemy in that situation. A regular tweeter simply isn't going to play low enough to properly mate with a 10" driver. Horns, on the other hand........ ;)

08-17-2006, 12:56 AM
sorry, aurum cantus woofers, and morel mids and tweeters

but i've actually been considering horns also

the prospect of the install process is scaring me a bit, tho

but i AM going to attempt a 10 in the front doors, so i guess i should feel up for anything

but a woofer's pretty much just getting it airtight, and making sure there's no rattles, with a horn, it's gotta be RIGHT.......

but, just to fuel my curiosity, could you send me in the right direction for browsing some horns? ;)

My kickers, my beltronics rx75 and my kenwood components all went on ebay tonight, so 7 days and counting until i can start putting something together for real.

My budget's ~$1k for new speakers all around.

08-17-2006, 07:05 PM
but, just to fuel my curiosity, could you send me in the right direction for browsing some horns? ;)


My budget's ~$1k for new speakers all around.

A pair of used horns, a good set of mids, and you'll still have plenty left over for an active xover ;)