View Full Version : fs/ft 99 ford escort zx2 sport

08-12-2006, 05:07 AM
i am looking to sell a 1999 escort zx2 sport

it was hit on the front drivers side
needs a headlight and hood
needs a fender but i have one it just needs painted
everythings still on it i drove it around a lil bit today
that is absolutly all it needs
car is burnt orange in color

it runs excellent
and is very reliable
motor is a 2.0 16 valve dohc(130 sum thousand miles)
5speed manual transmission
has an aftermarket air induction
has a short shifter
has stock alarm and trunk pop
test drives welcome(for serious buyers)

as far as trades im looking for
20" or bigger rims for a 98 ranger
a big body car for my next lowrider project
hydraulic parts
90-91 talon or eclipse awd cars
crotch rocket's
built motors for these cars and performance parts
some trades could be straight up some with cash either way

as far as cash im not really sure what to ask so its make offer
i would prefer a local buyer sinse i dont have a digital camera and dont want anybody who might be interested to be weary about my car
thanks for your time and space

08-13-2006, 04:26 PM
1500 takes it
it blue books for 2500 how it sits with the damage