08-07-2006, 04:03 PM
im thinking about trying to sell my 01 Sentra SE2.0. it has about 80k on the motor. Engine runs strong, paint is perfect, its perfect for someone looking for a chill daily driver!

MAKE ME AN OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The car is Granite, (one of the best colors the b15 has)
all windows tinted + windshield visor.
Custom LEATHER seats + door panels from the dealer when bought NEW.
i will sell these if i do not get enough money for the car and will replace with cheapo granny pattern seats.

Stock Performance Package includes:

Front Strut Tower Bar
Factory LSD
Factory Side skirts (se and se-r only)

The exterior Modifications i have added are

SE-R Headlights(black housing) will include stock chrome ones
OEM Mustang Mach 1 Front Lip Spoiler
Onstar Antenna
Red overlays for Rear taillight blinkers
Smoked overlays for reverse tails
Custom Ghetto grill in front.
shaved all Emblems
oem rear mudflaps
i will throw in 9007 6000k HID bulbs and 1 working Ballast.

Engine Modifications (sr20de) i have added are

Polished Engine cover (by me) a year ago.
AEM Cold Air Intake w/ K&N cone filter
SS Auto Chrome Header
2.5" Bolt on test Pipe (cat delete)
2.5" Custom Piping w/ N1 style muffler
will include stock exhaust piping w.o stock muffler
will also include the stock muffler delete with a Straight pipe painted black

Suspension Modifications i have added are

Nismo lower arm bar
b14 KYB AGX w/ Coilover Sleeves.
i will also throw in brand new Progress Springs in box
OEM SE model wheels w/ tires
OEM 02-03 Spec V wheels painted low Gloss Black w/ tires.

Stereo modifications can come with car or not

Pioneer Premier mp3 Cd player w/ aux input plug
DVD player mounted in glove box
6.5ish TV SCREEN mountable ANYWERE
Moster Cable Wiring all around
Distributor block which parts to two amps
4 Channel Amplifier
Precision Power Amplifier 600x1 (PPI)
Pioneer REV 6.5 Components in front
Cheapo 3 way speakers in rear.(unplugged)
no subwoofer will come with the car.

Recently i have changed the spark plug wires, Spark plugs, Rotor, Cap, Battery w/ new terminals, Starter, did the full coolant flush, got the tranny fluid topped off.

Changed oil every 3000-3100 Miles or so.

i get about 28-30mpg city and about 32-33 mpg hwy. staying about 75mph.

CAR RUNS STRONG and is FASTER than you think this sentra can be.
dont be thinking this is the 1.8 cheapo model but it aint the SER(2.5)

Now for some Random Pictures.
No more Yellow Fogs, no more stock grill, no more gunmetal colored wheels





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so im hoping its been converted to RWD?