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07-30-2006, 02:01 PM
I'm thinking of constructing a 4th order bandpass box for my sub, but I'm ambivalent right now because I do not know the following: what is bandpass ripple, will I see any loudness difference between the ported box I have now (32Hz with 2.5 Net) and a 4th order bandpass I will build with a gain of .4635, I don't know what the cabin gain for my car is, 96 Civic 2Dr, and I'm wondering if I get the box to have a flat response curve will the cabin gain make it sound like crap, and do you think a low 3dB rolloff at 30Hz and a high 3dB rolloff at 71Hz will sound decent?

07-30-2006, 07:51 PM
pm me what desding u have
but as far as loudeness between ported and 4th order...4th will be louder within a given frequency range,, where as ported gets loud over a wider frequency range.
as far as cabin gain..it will help u
.4635 gain over a ported box is not much at all...
heres a starting point..put the sub in 1.3cubes sealed playing into 1.5 cubes ported with a 45 square inch port 10inches long or a 6inch round port 10inches long and u shoul;d see a higher gain over the ported box your comparing it to