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07-28-2006, 07:28 PM

Just got this in from ups this morning got this off of Towncar.

EXILE x2400.1

First impression: Small footprint (16.6"L x 11.125"W x 2.625" Tall) and quite heavy (20lbs) took top cover off and was very impressed by the build quality and the board very clean and solid.Did a bench test on this beast and was very impressed again Its rated for 2400 rms @ 1ohm and did that plus a little more.Amp is also stappable.

My Bench Test results:

X2400.1 benches out about 2450 watts... With sqaure wave, burpabble SPL power around 3000 watts...

Bench power is 1 ohm, 1%THD and 14.4 VDC...

I have it in my wifes 97 Grand am on 2 12" db drive platinums 4 cubes @36hz and it absolutely slams! I had a orion 2500d in there prior to this amp and i dont notice a difference (by ear) at all in fact i think think amp is a little cleaner. I will update this thread when i get it on the Meter (TL). I will put it on my L7's also and get them metered i had the orion on them also.

Manufacturers specs: 800x1 @ 4ohms / 1600x1 @ 2 ohms / 2400x1 @ 1 ohm

4800x1 @ 2 ohms Strapped / Recomended Fuse: 200 amp
Power/ground: 1/0 gauge Dimensions:16.66"x11.125"x2.625"

Freq response: +- 1 db from 20hz to 300hz
Signal to noise ratio: >90db
Subsonic and Low Pass Crossover: Linkwitz-Riley 24db per octave
Low pass crossover range: 30hz to 300hz
Subsonic crossover range: 5hz to 55hz
Input Sensitivity: 200 millivolts to 8 volts
Lowest Recommended load: 1ohm
Damping Factor: Greater than 200
Typical Efficiency: 85%

07-28-2006, 08:48 PM
pics of board....




08-19-2006, 09:53 PM

a direct swap out of the orion and exile both @ 1 ohm load with subs in my sig...

Orion 2500d stock alt Big 3 with 1 extra yellow top in the back a 147.3 on the tl from the trunk

Exile x2400.1 stock alt Big 3 with 1 extra yellow top in back (exact same settings on deck , same box posistion ect) 2 shows consistantly a .6 db gain (147.9) on tl

Need to get some dual 2 ohm subs and test them both at .5 ohm loads.... more to come

Also have a powerbass xa3000d im going to throw in the testing.....

03-31-2007, 12:01 AM
How much was that amp. I thought about getting one of those last month. Really nice footprint for a 2000 watter.