View Full Version : FT Sony PS2 (the fat one) modded with a crystal chip

07-27-2006, 11:03 PM
I have a PS2 that is modded, and i will entertain all offers for trades on car audio equipment. not going to include any games with it, but if you want games shoot mea PM, and maybe we can work something out. Also have the network adapter and a 120, or a 160 HDD included with it (depending on which one you want). Games can be loaded from the HDD and played from the hard drive, but from the HDD cannot be played online. Backups burned to a disc can be played online (this chip defeats DNAS Protection) as some of you may know. I am looking to get around $250-$275 for it with the HDD (depending on size), or something car audio related of equal value.

things im seeking - MT motors, nice comps, things like that

Pics will be posted if requested, but it looks like a regular PS2.