View Full Version : Offroad go-cart, 6HP Tecumseh, dual wheel drive F.S.

93 saturn sl2
07-27-2006, 10:29 PM
Ive had my license now for a couple months and I rarley drive it so I think its time to sell.


The good:
2002 Groundhawg Offroad go-cart
6 hp OHV Tecumseh Engine
Oil changed every summer (Castrol GTX 10W30) along with spark plug (Bosch platinum), air filter changed last summer
Comet torque converter
Dual rear wheel drive
Front suspension
Rear disk brake
Seat belt
Great tread on tires
Gas and Brake pedals are adjustable
Not driven very often
Im 61 and I fit in it just fine
The Bad:
The paint by the pedals has chipped away from use over the years, but it is now painted black primer.
The throttle cable snapped so I need to order a new one off ebay

Ive taken very good care of it and always kept it up.

Id like to sell to someone near Garden City, MI.